Welcome to the website of Skegness Silver Band! We are currently revamping the site to give you a much deeper insight into the people and events that make this band so successful. Yes, we are a competing band that is very serious about its music. But we are also a fun loving group who enjoy a lot of laughs and approach each and every engagement with enthusiasm. We thought it would be amusing to share with you some of our thoughts about what we do; to let you know a bit more about our players! Whilst we aspire to win the contests we enter, we also enjoy the sleigh rides that see us paraded around villages on a trailer, seated on unsecured plastic chairs with some fairy lights plugged into the tow hitch of a friendly volunteer’s car! (Thankfully at no greater speed than a lawnmower). We’ve played on platforms that half our members can’t get on to, and in grounds of stately homes against which video projections have created a breathtaking scene. Sublime to the ridiculous? Absolutely. We want to go further than just sharing our music with you, we want to share the wonderful experience that is our band. To that end, and in a daring exposition, we will publish some of our Musical Director’s post rehearsal notes! Name and shame? Not at all, just a realistic review of the night’s practice and suggestions for future improvement. If we could extend to you, just half of what being in a band means to us, then we will have given you a whole new quality of life. And our band members are not all life long musicians – some began playing in later years and there is always the opportunity to come and join us via our junior band (even if you’re not that junior!)

Our new website is here, feel free to view the design. You’ll find out more about the backgrounds of our players and our thoughts on all sorts of things. Most importantly, there’ll be a section where you can leave your comments – so whether you’re a local or a visitor who has enjoyed our performance, you can say hi to the band and tell us whether we got your feet dancing, or your mind reminiscing. You’ll also find out where we’re appearing next so you can come and join in the family atmosphere that is Skegness Silver Band.

If you want to book us for your event then the more information we have the better. Our Musical Director is second to none in building a repertoire guaranteed to be an audience pleaser. But, please, we need a little time. The new website will carry a form that will establish the theme or thread of your event and we will bend over backwards to make it a success for you.

Our aim is to keep the new website updated with all the little things that keep us amused. We’d love you to share in that. So remember Skegband.co.uk! Join us in cyberspace if you can’t join us for real!